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When I started this blog over 2 years ago, I did so for (mostly) selfish reasons – to learn more about wine, meet fellow wine enthusiasts, to chronicle my wine travels, and to bring order to my tasting notes for future reference. This site has met its intended purpose – I’ve learned a great deal about wine in the last two years writing about the subject, met a lot of great people, and have brought some order to my tasting notes. Since my previous wine tasting note system consisted of sticky notes, multiple notebooks, and random scraps of papers, improvement wasn’t difficult.

Even with all the benefits I’ve realized since starting DrinkWhatYouLike in June 2008, I’ve become bored with blogging… very bored! I believe my chronic boredom may be a consequence of my ADD infused personality, which has been exacerbated by tools like Twitter. In looking back over the last two years, my posting can best be defined as erratic, and my topics of choice are all over the place – which mirrors my range of interests I guess. So, I’m making a change here at the site… a change in format to more suit my current interests.

First, I’m abandoning the goal of ‘attempting’ to chronicle my travel wine experiences – this is ridiculous and holds no appeal to me. I travel way too much and am too numb to travel these days to even think about trying to capture my ‘on the road’ wine experiences. I’ll leave this to my Twitter account. I’ve recently spent time in Toronto, Brussels, Berlin and Paris and couldn’t muster the attention span to craft even one summary post for these trips. My lack of desire to chronicle the details of my wine experiences on these trips resulted in a big ‘ol Bill Engvall ‘Here’s Your Sign’ moment. (The only exception will be a post on my upcoming trip to Sonoma/Napa where I’m organizing a Virginia Wine Tasting for my california wine blogging friends.)

Although I have suffered from boredom and a lack of ‘posting motivation’ in the last two months, I have devoted extended periods of attention to reading two lengthy books on Thomas Jefferson (in addition to attempting to finish DFW’s Infinite Jest)  and am working on a third, and spent time at over a dozen Virginia wineries. This is where my interest lies.

To that end, I’m going with what holds my attention for now – Thomas Jefferson and Virginia wine. I am working on two different month-long series here at Drink What You Like – ’30 Days of Thomas Jefferson on Wine’ and ‘31 Days of Virginia Wine’ that will begin on September 1 and run daily through October 31.

The month of September will feature ‘30 Days of Thomas Jefferson on Wine.’   Thomas Jefferson is considered by many ‘The’ Homo Universalis (aka – ‘man of the world’ or ‘Renaissance Man’) of his time – well educated, achiever, husband, father, US President, architect, statesmen, inventor, lawyer, oenophile, reader, thinker, and violinist among others things. Many consider Jefferson the da Vinci of the 18th century. Not sure I fully agree with that comparison. Instead, I consider Jefferson more of ‘The Great Enigma’ – a fascinating, complex, and difficult to understand individual.

Although I have had a great time learning about all aspects of Jefferson’s life, my primary interest as it relates to this site is to explore his adventures and experiences with wine and share them with those who may read this site – so the ’30 Days of Jefferson on Wine’ will focus on Jefferson and wine (and a little cider and beer thrown in as well) with minimal narrative on his political and other lives. A few of the topics I plan to explore as part of this daily series include:

  • A detailed look at his five years in Paris
  • Trials and tribulations of growing grapes in Virginia
  • Jefferson’s favorite wines
  • Wine cellar at Monticello
  • Stay in Champagne (Eperney)
  • Wine influence on his fellow colonials
  • Travels through Italy and Germany
  • Meticulous wine record keeping
  • Cider and beer
  • The Billionaire’s Vinegar (book by Benjamin Wallace)
  • … and random Jefferson wine facts.

October will be Virginia Wine Month – ‘31 Days of Virginia Wine.’  Following the ‘30 Days of Jefferson on Wine’ in September, October 1 will mark the beginning of ’31 Days of Virginia Wine’ to celebrate Virginia Wine Month. This series will run daily from October 1 through 31 and will feature analysis of Virginia wine trends, winemaker interviews, wine trail features, and Virginia wine reviews. Perhaps this will serve as a valuable resource for those bloggers planning to attend the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville, VA.

I hope that you will join me on this 61-day journey of education and exploration in to the wine life of one of our founding fathers and the wine industry he helped created. Thank you!