Luca Paschina of Barboursville Vineyards — 30 Vintages of Stewardship, Learning and Contribution

The 2019 vintage marks Luca Paschina’s 30th since moving to Virginia from his home in Alba, Italy, to takeover winemaking at Barboursville Vineyards.

As much as anyone, Luca has been a tireless champion of the entire Virginia wine industry.  

Barboursville’s world-class reputation is a result of Luca’s drive, commitment to improving, sweat equity and the team he has built — from viticulturist Fernando Franco to associate winemaker Daniele Tessaro to Alyson Foldvary in the Library 1821 to the entire tasting room staff.

In addition to being a great winemaker and all-around good person, Luca has some serious culinary skills, too.

I recently had dinner with Luca at his home in Barboursville to talk about his 30th vintage as part of an article for Dine, Wine & Stein Magazine  (forward to pages 6 – 9 in this digital version).

It’s impossible to capture all of the accomplishments of someone who has contributed so much over three decades in just one article.  I have a Q&A with Luca in an online wine publication forthcoming.

Congratulations Luca on thirty vintages!