Wine Travels

As I mentioned on my ‘About Me‘ page, I travel nearly every week.  Aside from what seems to be an unlimited number of frequent flyer miles and Marriott points, the only perk to the job is the diversity of wine experiences that I gain during my travels.

Below are a few posts I’ve had time to write while on the road this year.  The information below is current as of June 2009.  I plan to update this page at least once a quarter.





United Kingdom: 


Hong Kong:




Various Airports and Places:

5 thoughts on “Wine Travels”

  1. Hello. I Stumbled on your site during a Google search and was very impressed, possibly envious with your travels. I am sure you heard this before but keep up the good work! .

  2. Bonjour ! lovely to read you ! please do contact us should you travel to France will be happy to help arranging great wine tasting and visits !
    In the meantime, see you online.
    All the best from sunny Loire Valley – France

  3. Thanks for the shout out on Instagram! Glad you enjoyed my tacos! To be continued! Hopefully oyster taco truck and many more events in the future!

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