If you are interested in providing wine, wine books, or other wine-related products for review, please email directly:   frank.j.morgan  —( at )––

By sending us wine, a wine book or some other wine gadget, please note the following:

  • We will not guarantee that the review of your wine, wine book or wine gadget will be positive.
  • We may review your wine in a group setting along with a dozen or so other wines at our wine group/club tasting.
  • We will add a disclaimer note that the wine, wine book or wine gadget is a complimentary trade sample.

Tasting Process:

We believe wine is best when paired with food and friends.  To that end we make every attempt to pair wine (samples and purchased) with food to ensure that we experience the best side of the wine.  Many meals at home include tasting of several wines with dinner, and I tend to write about my favorite of the evening.  Some wines are tasted with a small group of wine friends.  In this case, the wines are always paired with an abundance of food.


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