Ricky Parker, Steve Johnson and Chris Randolph knew they wanted to move into the wine industry. The three Richmond-based entrepreneurs have years of experience working around wine. 

Randolph founded a whiskey and wine-centric restaurant in the city; Parker served as a brand ambassador for a high-end global Champagne and cognac brand; Johnson has years of experience in business ownership and marketing.

Collaborating on marketing and distribution for a local whiskey brand in 2019 gave them the knowledge and confidence to move forward with establishing a new wine brand — Shockoe Wine.

Shockoe Wine is an homage to the historic Shockoe Bottom area on the east side of the city.  

By the time the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter in April 1861 marking the beginning of the nation’s Civil War, Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom was the largest slave trading district in the United States north of New Orleans.  

“Few places hold as much significance for Black Americans as Shockoe Bottom,” said Johnson. “Just by founding the Shockoe wine label we’ve already exceeded our ancestors’ wildest dreams.”

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