Now is a great time to buy and drink local wines!

Wineries and cideries across the state are offering discounted packs and special offers for Open That Bottle of Virginia Wine day on March 27!

These special offers/discounted wine packs are available now through March 27.  

Most are available via winery websites to ship or for pickup at the winery (call or check winery website for details).

If you would like to taste along with us online, I will be hosting an Open That Bottle of Virginia Wine virtual gathering at 5pm on Saturday, March 27.   I’ll be joined by several winemakers and Betting Ring, Virginia’s Secretary of Agriculture & Forestry.  Register here to reserve your spot watch the live discussion and tasting via Zoom on March 27.

Please check back here or email me for more information. 

I will update this list about once a week with additional offers from wineries until March 27th.

Wineries and Cideries offering ‘Open That Bottle of VA Wine’ special packs:

Blue Bee Cider — 2-pack: Petit Manchurian and Trifecta

Rosemont of VirginiaMerlot duo pack: 2010 and 2017 (limited quantity)

Hark Vineyards — 2-pack: 2019 Pinot Gris and 2018 Spark

Briede Vineyards — 2-pack: 2019 LaCrescent and 2019 Arandell

Horton Vineyards — 3-pack: 2019 Viognier, DIO – Resurrection 1, 2018 Norton

Williamsburg Winery — 2017 Reserve 3-pack: 2017 Gabriel Archer Reserve, 2017 Trianon, 2017 Adagio

Afton Mountain Vineyards — 3-pack: 2017 Cab Franc, 2018 Bacco, 2018 Tradition

King Family VineyardsMeritage 2-Pack (2013 and 2018)

Blenheim Vineyards — 2-Pack: 2018 Painted White and 2019 Cabernet Franc

Michael Shaps Wineworks — 2-bottle Library Special Pack:   2008 Merlot and 2019 Méthode Sparkling Riesling

Casanel Vineyards — ‘Casey’s Legacy’ Chardonnay Duo Pack.  Featuring Casanel’s 2016 White Spark and 2019 Chardonnay in honor of late owner, Casey DeSouza, which were her favorite wine styles.

Pollak Vineyards — A Tale of Two Winemakers Cab Franc Pack (Busching and Pineau): 2009 made by Jake Busching and 2017 made by Benoit Pineau

Bluestone Vineyard —  Library Special: 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2010 Merlot

Breaux Vineyards — 2-pack: 2016 Nebbiolo and 2019 Sauvignon Blanc

Barren Ridge Vineyards — 3-pack: 2019 Vidal Blanc, 2019 Rose and 2017 Petit Verdot

Brix & Columns Vineyards — 2-pack: 2018 Cab Franc and 2017 Viognier

Magnolia Vineyards — 2-pack: 2019 Black Walnut White and 2019 Hawkins Run Red

868 Estate Vineyards — 3-pack (smaller size): Petit Verdot, Merlot and Chardonel 

DuCard Vineyards — 2-pack: 2016 Signature Viognier and 2015 Petit Verdot

Potomac Point Vineyards & Winery — 3-pack: 2019 Cabernet Franc, 2020 Rose, 2019 Viognier

Narmada Winery —  Anyone who shares a photo of  Narmada wine on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will receive a coupon for 10% off three bottles.