Virginia wine and cider industry:

With the world in the throes of the biggest disruption in modern history, the only constant seems to be uncertainty. 

Coronavirus may dominate the daily headlines but resilience is the real story of 2020!

Healthcare professionals, first responders, educators, business owners, stay-at-home parents, and farmers (you!) have demonstrated remarkable and inspiring resilience.

From frigid all-nighters in your vineyards protecting your vines from frost to adding camera operator, social media manager and Zoom pro to your already packed days, you embody resilience.

Beyond the weather-related challenges you face each vintage, you’ve handled the pandemic problems with grace and grit!

A few of us got together to let you know that your work and wine (and cider) are appreciated…

This began as a short ‘thank you’ video I filmed on my deck one evening but quickly grew into a compilation of Virginia wine enthusiasts across the state.  These are just two dozen of your MANY supporters!

A sincere thank you to Michael Kimball, Andy Flint and the team at Consociate Media for graciously providing their time and expertise to produce this ‘We Are With You!’ video.

Thank you, Virginia winemakers, cidermakers, grape growers, viticulturists, oenologists, vineyard teams, cellar rats, and tasting room staff.

We are with you!