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Celebrating Regional Wine Week from the East Side of the Pond

Today marks the beginning of the fourth annual Regional Wine Week hosted by Drink Local Wine – a group founded by Washington Post wine guy, Dave McIntyre, and wine writer Jeff Siegel as a way of brining more attention to the wine of the ‘other‘ states outside California, Washington, and Oregon.

The folks at Drink Local Wine recently issued a call to local wine supporters to share their thoughts about ‘the other 47’ (states other than California, Washington, and Oregon) in 47 words.

There are a number of very creative folks in the local wine blogosphere so I look forward to reading all of the 47-word entries.  On day 1, there are already several excellent 47 word entries so far:

My attempt at an ode to support my Virginia Wine habit below:

Regional Wine Week is finally here,
In Brussels, so instead I sip on a beer,

No Virginia wine to be had,
So far from home, which is sad,

Alas, another flight to catch,
A paycheck to fetch,

A serious passion to support,
All local wine but… Snort

Ok, this exhausts the limits of my creativity.  I’ll leave the artistic prose to the other.   Cheers all!


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