After many months of waiting, planning, anticipating, preparing, creating a baby-friendly home environment, painting, repainting, assembling lots of baby related items, and purchasing about five years of clothing and other baby trinkets we don’t need, Kinley Grace was born yesterday. She weighed in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces, along with an impressive set of lungs and vocal chords.

Kinley snoozing, wrapped in her fav blankie

Despite hours of intense labor, my wife delivered our daughter naturally and did an amazing job. Childbirth is one of the many examples of why mothers rock! I don’t know too many men who could make it through childbirth.

Being part of child birth – even a minor role like providing ice chips, a cold cloth for the forehead and face, and attempting to provide comfort with words of wisdom like “deep breath…” – is a watershed experience that stays with people throughout their lives. My grandmother can still describe the circumstances and details of the birth of all seven of her children.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 will always be a memorable day for me…

Mrs. DrinkWhatYouLike and I are still debating what bottle to open for our official celebration. Since it’s been nearly 11 months since wifey’s last taste of wine, I plan to make her re-entry in to the world of wine a good one!


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