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“3” – Virginia’s Newest Wine Label

Hunter S. Thompson, best known as the creator of Gonzo Journalism and author of numerous classics (well, I think they are anyway) like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, is also credited with the phrase, “It takes a lot of beer to make wine.” Indeed, there may be some truth to this statement, but in the case of three Virginia winemakers, ‘it takes a lot of beer to come up with the idea to collaborate on a new wine project.

Last year, over a few beers, three prominent young Virginia winemakers – Jake Busching from Pollak Vineyards, Emily Pelton from Veritas Vineyard & Winery, and Matthieu Finot from King Family Vineyards – came up with an idea for a collaborate wine project…  the result is Virginia’s newest wine label – “3

“Three winemakers, three wineries, three vineyards, three varietals, one wine.”

This burger from Outback proved a great pairing to this young wine.

3 is a Bordeaux blend of 1/3 Petit Verdot contributed by Emily, 1/3 Merlot from Matthieu, and 1/3 Cab Franc from Jake.  Each of the three varietals is from the 2009 vintage.

Unfortunately my schedule precluded me from attending the official ‘3‘ release party tonight at Pollak Vineyards, but the  winemakers graciously sent me a bottle of 3 for a virtual ‘taste & tweet‘ release.   Joining me for the virtual ‘taste & tweet‘ event on Twitter were my friends Paul and Warren, authors of Virginia Wine Time blog (be sure to check out their video recap post).

2009 “3” – Dark reddish purple with pink edges, this wine was like a chameleon working its way through Isalo National Park in Madagascar – with each swirl and sniff, the aromatic profile changed.  Although I decanted for about 35 minutes prior to first sniff, the wine was very muted with hints of red fruit at first whiff.  Within 15 minutes, aromas of darker fruits and hints of leather (unexpected) surfaced, and 20 minutes later the aromatic profile changed – showing red and darker fruits like plum, wintergreen chewing tobacco (like Skoal), eucalyptus, spice, and earth.  Plum and eucalyptus flavors dominated in the mouth with spice on the finish, which was shorter than expected.  Sounds cliche, but this wine truly revealed its potential as it opened up.  Let this one decant at least an hour before drinking.

Aside from the aromatic and flavor profile, I really dig the simple, clean look of the label – well done!

Only 150 cases of 3 were produced.  Get it while it lasts!  Beginning Sunday, March 6, you can purchase 3 at one of the three wineries – Veritas, King Family, or Pollak – for $33.33 per bottle.  Remember that this is a 2009 so I would recommend that you let this wine lay down for a few years.

Disclaimer:  I received this bottle as a sample to review on release day.


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