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Different Vintage, Same Great Value – More Louis Jadot Gamay Goodness!

As a naturally frugal (perhaps cheap) person, I am constantly in search of a great bottle of wine under $10 – a wine that I ‘want‘ to drink, not a wine that I drink because it cost less than $10.   About this time last year, I wrote a post about my search for a ‘house red wine’ under $10.  For me, this means a wine I can open mid-week, enjoy one or two glasses, and dump the rest without down the drain guilt.

For some time now, the 2008 Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Village has been my go to mid-week wine.  At under $10, the 2008 delivered great value for many a Tuesday or Wednesday nights.  Now that the 2008 Louis-Jadots are harder to find, I’m left with the 2009’s, which is great because 2009 has been heralded as the best vintage in decades in Beaujolais.

Although some of the large producers seem immune from vintage variation, Jadot’s Beaujolais offerings do tend to express vintage variation.  Given the ‘hype’ surrounding the 2009 vintage in Beaujolais, I was certainly looking forward to trying the latest Beaujolais-Village from Jadot.

Garnet in the glass, the 2009 smells of violets, cherry, and spice.  In the mouth, more cherry and spice along with mineral components – nice acidity. I’ve had the Louis Jadot 2009 Beaujolais-Village on several occasions since release last year, and am glad to report this vintage still represents an excellent, under $10 value.

Amazing how the Beaujolais region continues to deliver excellent value wines year after year, yet most people overlook the region because of the Beaujolais Nouveau stigma.  Shame.

Looking for an economical, good mid-week sipper for under $10 (about $9 at Total Wine, $10.99 a local Harris Teeter grocery store)?  Try the Louis Jadot 2009 Beaujolais-Village.


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