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Virginia Wine Month Series – Virginia Wine Factoid

What is Virginia’s top grape in terms of wine produced?

Any self-respecting Virginia wine enthusiast should easily be able to answer this question, especially a Virginia wine blogger.  No doubt nearly all Virginia wine enthusiasts know Virginia’s most planted grape… except yours truly.

Last week I was in Sonoma, CA and made an appearance on the Wine Business Radio show to talk about the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference and Virginia wine.  When asked what is the most planted grape in Virginia, I blanked, stuttered, and then mumbled something about Cabernet being the most planted in Virginia.  Brilliant… and, wrong!

In preparation for a future ‘Virginia Wine’ category on Jeopardy, and to avoid repeating my amazing performance on Wine Biz Radio, I decided to consult the official source for Virginia wine information – the Virginia 2008 Commercial Grape Report.

According to the official 2008 production report, Chardonnay is most planted vinifera in Virginia.  Virginia’s second most planted vinifera is Cabernet Franc, followed by Merlot.  Rounding out the top five most planted vinifera in Virginia is Cabernet Sauvignon in fourth followed by Viognier in fifth (excluding ‘other reds’).

For a complete list of tons produced and acreage planted for all of Virginia, be sure to check out Virginia.org.


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