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Day 1 – Thomas Jefferson, A Primer
Day 2 – The First Wine of Record, Claret
Day 3 – Jefferson and Madeira
Day 4 – Jefferson’s Favorite Wines Available Today
Day 5 – Monticello Pictorial
Day 6 – Monticello Vineyards
Day 7 – The Monticello Cellar
Day 8 – Thomas Jefferson—Orchardist and Cidermaker (Part 1)
Day 9 – Quotable Jefferson
Day 10 – The Curious Philip Mazzei
Day 11 – Jefferson Vineyards
Day 12 – What Would Jefferson Think?
Day 13 – Thomas Jefferson—Cidermaker and Scientist-Farmer (Part 2)
Day 14 – Jefferson in Paris – A Pictorial of his Travels
Day 15 – Jefferson in Paris – Pictorial
Day 16 – Jefferson’s Wine Travels Through France and Italy
Day 17 – Jefferson’s Memorandum Notes on Journey Through France and Italy
Day 18 – Monticello Wine Festival
Day 19 – Jefferson in France, Thoughts on Bordeaux

Day 20 – Jefferson’s Paris Wine Cellar

In the spirit of not writing in chronological order, today’s post will include an itemized list of Jefferson’s Paris wine cellar that was planned for tomorrow.  The post I planned for today – Jeffeson in Burgundy – needs one more day as I am waiting on confirmation of one item before posting.

Perhaps I’m easily impressed, but I find Jefferson’s wine lists incredibly interesting, and in the case of this cellar list, quite diverse.  Note the only Italian wine that showed up in Jefferson’s cellar was the Eleatico (spelled today as Aleatico) – a red muscat dessert wine that is still grown in some parts of Italy. The only Greek wine on the list, Chipre from Cyprus was likely a sample given to Jefferson (Hailman, 126).

Interesting that Jefferson only had 72 bottles of Spanish wine, the Pacaret, even though he spent five years next to Spain.  Most notable of this cellar list – the fact that Jefferson sent 124 bottles of Chateau- Margot to  Alexander Donald, former vice-consul at Bordeaux.

‘The’ cellar list will be posted on Day 27, when I post the list of Jefferson’s wine collection during his time in the White House, 1801-1809.

Tomorrow, Day 21 – Jefferson in Burgundy

Thomas Jefferson on Wine, Hailman, John


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