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Day 1 – Thomas Jefferson, A Primer
Day 2 – The First Wine of Record, Claret
Day 3 – Jefferson and Madeira
Day 4 – Jefferson’s Favorite Wines Available Today
Day 5 – Monticello Pictorial
Day 6 – Monticello Vineyards
Day 7 – The Monticello Cellar
Day 8 – Thomas Jefferson—orchardist and cidermaker (Part 1)
Day 9 – Quotable Jefferson
Day 10 – The Curious Philip Mazzei
Day 11 – Jefferson Vineyards
Day 12 – What Would Jefferson Think?
Day 13 – Thomas Jefferson—Cidermaker and Scientist-Farmer
Day 14 – Jefferson in Paris – A Pictorial of his Travels
Day 15 – Jefferson in Paris – Pictorial
Day 16 – Jefferson’s Wine Travels Through France and Italy
Day 17 – Jefferson’s Memorandum Notes on Journey Through France and Italy

Day 18 – Monticello

Do not bite at the bait of pleasure till you know there is no hook beneath it. ~ Thomas Jefferson

This afternoon and evening my wife and I attended the first Monticello Wine Festival at Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville, VA.  Given the beautiful weather coupled with great company, I will admit that I just didn’t have time to finish the ‘Jefferson in Paris’ post I planned for today.  In the spirit of Jefferson’s quote above, perhaps this great weather and wine was the ‘hook’ beneath the bait of pleasure.

All is not lost, below are several photos from our afternoon at evening at Jefferson’s Monticello.

Jefferson's Monticello from the lawn.

Wine Festival at Monticello - food provided at our table.

Wife and I at our table, Monticello in background.

East view of Monticello.

Original door (now preserved) to Jefferson's wine cellar on the basement level.

Monticello at night (south lawn).

Please check back tomorrow for another post on Jefferson’s time in France.


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