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On Thursday night I participated in the Sauvignon Blanc live Twitter tasting – known on Twitter as #SauvBlanc – organized by Rick Bakas, Social Media Director at St. Supery Winery.

Much like the CaliCab event two weeks ago, the Twitterverse came out in a big way for this event, with over 580 Twitterers participating, resulting in 3,428 tweets.

At one point during the event, #SauvBlanc was a top ten trending topic on Twitter.  Amazing!

I was on travel this week, so I stopped by a local wine shop in Maryland in search of my #SauvBlanc for the evening.  Going in to the shop I decided I would look for a Sauvignon Blanc from the Sonoma area since I would be in Sonoma County next week for vaca.  I was pleased to find a half-bottle of Matanzas Creek 2007 Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma County.

Matanzas Creek 2007 Sauvignon Blanc. $15.99 for half-bottle.  Blend of 87% Sauvignon Blanc and 13% Sauvignon Musque, with 21% fermented and aged in very fine grained French oak barrels.  Aromatically challenged at first, this wine really took some time to open up.  The wine shop did have this one chilling in a wine fridge so I attributed the muted nose to the frosty temperature.  As the wine warmed, the nose livened up with aromas of lemon, grapefruit, white flowers, and a distinctive secondary industrial aroma.  I’m not quite sure what the aroma was, but it reminded me of a factory.  I noodled on this aroma throughout the tasting – undecided if I liked it or not.  In the mouth, flavors of lemon candy and more of the white flowers. Lively acidity made this a wine to consider for a hot summer day.  If I gave wine scores/rankings, I would give this one an ‘ok.’  I don’t think this wine was showing it’s best.  Perhaps I’ll try another vintage in the future.

For the tasting, I paired this with take out – crab claws and salad with poached salmon – and a lot of work-related reading.

Of the 580 Twitterers, there was one other participant, @foodwinechickie, drinking a Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc for the event.  The Food Wine Chickie went with the 2006 Matanzas Creek.   A few of @foodwinechickie‘s Twitter tasting notes for the ’06 Matanzas Creek, ‘bubbles showing at the bottom of my glass… Hubby tastes some pine needle nuances… ultra pale in color but has crisp lemony / grassy taste… the half bottle is PERFECT for a party of one.’ Agreed on the half bottle being perfect for part of one.

For me, this live virtual tasting served as a welcome break from reading international privacy laws, and provided me the chance to interact with a handful of my Twitter friends.  For wineries, I hope this event served as an example of the power of social media, branding, and building relationships online – 580 Twitterers, 3,428 tweets, zero cost!  An amazing opportunity for those wineries that ‘get it’ and are willing to put in the ‘work’ in this still emerging space.

Virtual Twitter props to Rick Bakas (@RickBakas) for putting this together.  I look forward to participating in upcoming live tasting events – Wine Blends on April 1st and Chardonnay on May 6th.