Editorial note – An email from one of my former colleagues about one of my current co-workers who seemed very concerned by my extracurricular wine blogging habits served as the catalyst for this post…

Given the impact the current economic malaise has had on the wine industry, and in particular wine writing, and even more so on the farm leagues of wine blogging, I labor under the assumption that 99.67% of all wine bloggers make virtually no income from their sites.   I could be wrong about this, but unlikely given my unusually high IQ. 😉  If so, please point me in the direction of a blogger making an appreciable income from their wine blog.

I suspect that many bloggers are much like me – their wine blog serves as an outlet for their passion, with little or no desire for compensation.  Of those wine bloggers who still have to get up in the morning and report to duty Monday thru Friday, I wonder how many openly share their blog with co-workers.

I have been torn on the issue of sharing this site with my co-workers for a number of reasons.  First of all – other than myself, I’m not too fond of many of my co-workers, and I only ‘like’ just a small handful.  Early last year I did share this site with a few of my colleagues who share my adoration for fermented grape juice.

At first they would visit sporadically, and would occasionally drop me an email to comment on a particular post.  Then, about six months ago, word spread that there was a famous wine blogger in our department – I noticed the number of visits from our company domain/IP address went up significantly.  Imagine the nerve of these people, looking at this site during work hours when they should be working!

The vast majority of my colleagues who visit this site do so to read a about wine and pick up a wine recommendation or two.  A few others have more devious intentions (and you know who you are 🙂 ).  I do find all of this very humorous.  I can’t get enough of myself, and it’s clear a few of my co-workers can’t either.

I am very interested in others’ opinions on this topic.  So, for all of the ‘9-5’ employed bloggers out there – how many of you openly share your wine blogging adventures with your work peeps?   Reason for/against?  Have you encountered a problem at work by sharing your blog with co-workers?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Oh, for the work peeps, c’mon outta the closet – feel free to leave a comment. 😉