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DrinkLocalWine.com just announced that the 2nd annual Drink Local Wine Conference (DLW10) will be held here in Virginia, April 24 – 26th at the Landsdowne Resort. This year’s conference will be presented by the Virginia Wine Board, and will focus on the diversity and quality of the 157 wineries in The Old Dominion.

Although all states have ‘wine history’ of some form, none are as storied as Virginia’s – dating back to the early 1600’s, when, in 1619 Jamestown settlers singed a law requiring each male settler to plant and tend at least ten grape vines.  Unfortunately, the early Colonials were a few hundred years ahead of their time, and little came from the settler’s early efforts.

Vine destruction due to Phylloxera coupled with the success of tobacco abated the Virginia wine industry back in the 1600’s, but thoughts of a thriving Virginia wine industry were resurrected over a century later by Virginia’s first oenophile, Thomas Jefferson.  Like the settlers before him, Jefferson too, found little success with vinifera.

Fast-forward 200 years – Virginia is now home to 150 wineries, six AVAs, over 2,500 acres under vine, and is the 5th largest wine producing state in the US.

Although the Virginia wine industry rarely receives the recognition it deserves on the global wine stage, the Drink Local Wine Conference 2010 is a chance to showcase the quality of Virginia Wine.

I hope all of my friends in the Virginia Wine Industry will support the Drink Local Wine 2010 Conference in April by attending!

For more information on attending DLW10, visit: http://www.drinklocalwine.com/registration.html