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Back in September I posted a short piece entitled, In Search of a House Wine,’ about my search for an economical ‘house wine’ – a go to mid-week wine when I just need that one glass to unwind.  A wine that comes with no drain guilt – that uneasy feeling resulting from a bottle left unfinished, that will end up down the drain.

Since that posting in September, I have tried a lot of wines in the $6 to $8 range, but, alas, none were worthy of the ‘Morgan House Wine’ moniker. To improve my odds of finding a worthy wine, I’ve decided to compromise my cheapskate, economic values by raising my house wine price point to wines $10 and under.

By expanding my price threshold a couple of bucks, and digging a little deeper in to my wallet, the field of ‘house wine’ contenders expands exponentially.  As the fog of war – or, er, looking for a cheap, really good wine – lifted, I happened across loads of sub $10 beauties.

The most serious of the contenders (thus far) – the Louis Jadot 2008 Beaujolais-Village.  This is one damn good wine for $8.97.

Editorial Note to the wine elite and my fellow Beaujolais groupies: I realize some may not consider the low-end offerings of wine giant Louis-Jadot worthy of the label ‘stellar,’ but this one really is ‘technically correct,’ and excellent at this price point.

Louis Jadot 2008 Beaujolais-Village – Made with 100% gamay grapes, of course, and 12.5% alcohol.  Bright purple with tinges of pink in the glass, this wine showed a lively nose of violets, bubblegum, spice, currant, and cherry on the edges.  Lively acidity, with flavors of dark fruit with pepper sprinkled on top, along with a nice rocky component.  A stellar offering at this price point.  Now, if I could just find a Cru Beaujolais at this price point… that would be, well… penny wise, wine nirvana!

The Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Village is widely distributed – look for it at your local wine shop or grocery store.  I’d be curious of your thoughts on this wine, or, any recommendations for a < $10 house wine.

Check back for Monday’s post – I took the Louis-Jadot and The WineMaker’s winning wine to a friend’s house for The Big Lebowski movie night (my first viewing of Big Lebowski so I didn’t get the oat soda and white russian tie-in, so i course brought wine).