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Sunday marked the beginning of Regional Wine Week.  This is the second year for the event, which was created by Jeff Siegel of The Wine Curmudgeon and Washington Post wine columnist Dave McIntyre, to highlight the growth in quality of wine “not made in the usual places (such as California, Oregon and Washington State).”

I happened to be passing through Dulles airport on my way home, and, per my typical weekly travel process, I stopped by Vino Volo adjacent to gate C2 for a quick drink.

Given the remarkable strides in quality of Virginia wine in the last few years, I don’t need an event like Regional Wine Week as an excuse to drink ‘our’ wine, but I ordered a local wine just to be a team player and take up some white space here on the blog. (another one of those quips that seemed so much wittier in my head) I guess I could also say that I went with a glass of Virginia wine in recognition of Virginia Wine Month.  The trifecta.

3FoxI went with a wine from Three Fox Vineyards is based in Delaplane, VA, just off I-66.  Since the cabernet franc grapes tends to perform very well here in the hot, humid Virginia growing season, I feel this varietal tends to provide a great red example of Virginia terrior, so I went with a glass of good ‘ol Virginia Cab Franc.

Three Fox 2006 Alouette Cabernet Franc ($27/bottle retail, perhaps a bit cheaper at the winery).  Made with 100% estate cabernet franc.  Nice nose of cranberry (similar to a Norton cranberry), hints of chocolate dust, spices and some pepper with an intense, and interesting, coffee flavor in the mouth.  I had a cup of coffee on the flight in to Dulles, perhaps that was playing trickery on my already questionable sense of smell and taste.  As a complement to the coffee, I also picked up earth, herbal and dark berry flavors.  I felt this was more of a Chinon-style cab franc.

I have never had the occasion to visit Three Fox Vineyard, but I definitely have them on my list of Virginia wineries to visit the next time I’m out near the Middleburg area.

This quick stop at Vino Volo was just a prelude to celebrating Regional Wine Week and Virginia Wine Month – I plan to really celebrate Regional Wine Week this weekend by hitting the Virginia Wine Trail (Charlottesville) with two friends and fellow bloggers – Dezel of Vine Spot and John of Anything Wine.