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On Friday I participated in a Twitter Taste Live event organized by Bin Ends Wine and Wines of Germany, featuring the wines of S.A. Prüm.  As part of the Taste Live event we tasted four Prüm Rieslings.

The Prüm family has very deep roots in the Mosel River area of Germany, dating back to 1156.  SA Prüm wines have been commercially produced for 200 years.  Current Vinter, Raimund Pruem, took over the management of the family’s property in 1971.

For those new to the format, TTL provides an opportunity for a group of wine enthusiasts to taste the same wines and share their tasting notes/thoughts virtually via Twitter.   These virtual tastings attract an interesting group of bloggers across the US.  This session included @1WineDude, @MyDailyWine, @DaleCruse, along with a handful of other Twitterers.

As always, the TTL events provide a fast-paced wine tasting experience – tasting, reading everyone else’s tasting notes and thoughts on the TasteLive stream, along with trying to taste and tweet my own thoughts about each wine.

SA Pruem Riesling

The Taste Live event began with the SA Prüm 2008 Essence Riesling.  From the Mosel. For some inexplicable reason, I opened this wine about two hours prior to the start of the tasting and left it sitting out on the counter, so I tasted this one at room temperature.  Peach, citrus, intense lemon, especially on the finish.  Excellent acidity.  A definite crowd pleaser, especially for new wine enthusiasts.  A very solid Riesling at the < $15 price point.

The next wine in the line up was the SA Prüm 2007 Prüm Blue Riesling Kabinett.  From the Mosel. I picked up lots of mineral and crushed rocks along with a nice floral component along with honeysuckle.  The retail price of this wine ~ $20/bottle.

The SA Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr 2007 Riesling Kabinett was next up. This is a single-vineyard Riesling produced from grapes grown in the Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyard in Germany’s Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region.  This wine reminded me of eating a piece of gramma’s lemon cake sitting on her couch in front of very old kerosene heater.  Excellent integration of the petrol, lemon, honeysuckle, mineral, and floral components throughout.  Another excellent value at just over $20 (~$23/bottle).

The SA Prüm Urziger Würzgarten 2006 Riesling Kabinett was the final wine of the evening. The petrol aromas on this wine were intense – reminded me of jetfuel aromas at Norfolk airport, curbside drop off right beside gate A2, on a very cold Monday morning (I fly nearly ever week so I have the chance to really suck in a lot of jet fuel).  The petrol aromas were complemented by pear, wax and honeysuckle.  Nice acidity, but not as racy as the Essence.  A seriously super bargain at ~ $20/bottle.

Each of these wines would pair perfectly with spicy Asian, especially spicy tuna tartare.  I had take-out the next night, and each of these paired beautifully with the General Tso’s Prawns – especially the Ürziger.

My favorite Riesling of the tasting was clearly the Urziger Wurzgarten.  My favorite comment during the tasting came from 1WineDude, Joe Roberts, who so eloquently summarized his thoughts on the Ürziger Würzgarten …

Moving on to the Urziger. It reminds me of Daisy Duke wearing those SHORT shorts and wiping the gasoline off of her hands. [drools].’

You can find a complete play-by-play recap of the Taste Live Twitter stream on Cover It Live (provided by Joe Roberts).

A big thanks to the folks at Bin Ends, Wines of Germany and SA Prüm for putting this Taste Live event together.

*Disclaimer: I received each of the four SA Prüm wines as samples to participate in the Taste Live event.