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As the Season’s transition – from the heat and humidity of summer here in Virginia, to the cool, crispness of Fall – so too do my wine tastes.  During this transition, I seem to naturally move from crisp, steely Sauvignon Blancs to light reds – in particular to Beaujolais. Although it’s great any time of the year, Beaujolais is the perfect summer-to-fall transition wine.

This week, I am working in the Washington DC area – where the weather is in the Summer to Fall transition.  Last night I had the chance to catch up with a couple of colleagues at Eat Bar in Arlington, VA.  On the menu was one lone Beaujolais – the Domaine Dupeuble Pere et Fils 2008, imported by Kermit Lynch.  In looking back over my Beaujolais tasting notes, it’s interesting to note that I had a Beaujolais the last time I met this same group at Eat Bar.

Domaine Dupeuble Pere et Fils 2008 Beaujolais $35/bottle, but less than ½ that price in a retail store.  Light purple color in the glass, this wine had a beautiful (not a word I use a lot) of violets, strawberries, and big league chew bubble gum.  In the mouth, pomegranate and mineral flavors dominated with a pleasant red berry finish.  Nice acidity and near silky mouthfeel. 

If you can find this particular wine at a retail outlet, in the $15/bottle range, I would highly recommend it.  Yet another example of an excellent Kermit Lynch import.

What is your Summer-to-Fall transition wine?


I liked this particular Beaujolais so much that I took the bottle back to the hotel with me to snap this photo because I didn’t take my camera to dinner.