This is from my backlog of posts that I’ve started, but not completed.

I spent last week in Orlando, and, after a looong day at work, I just wanted to veg out and watch the Thursday night College Football game – South Carolina vs. Ole Miss.

Having stayed at the MCO Airport Renaissance over 100 nights in the last few years, I have become quite familiar with the menu (please Gawd if you folks are reading, change the freakin menu more often). Dinner for the night would be my favorite on their menu – grilled pork atop collard greens with a side of some type of sweat potato mash.  My dinner choice was predicated on the fact that I was ‘jonesing’ for Pinot Noir for some reason – which tends to go well with grilled pork with light, or no seasoning.

Not having the energy or desire to fight the traffic to the Total Wine store, I opted to stop at Publix grocery store on the way back to the hotel.  I realize not wanting to fight traffic is a total ‘cop out’ when faced with the prospect of having a very mediocre grocery store wine, but I just needed a veg out night, food and football.

Ford Coppola Pinot

(this could be the best photograph I've ever taken with my crappy camera)

Given the very limited Pinot Noir selection at the Publix near the hotel, I went with the lesser of the evils (my perception) – Francis Coppola Pinot Noir.

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection 2007 Pinot Noir

$17.99/bottle at grocery store (maybe a buck or two cheaper at wine discounter).   This wine showed great promise on the nose – bright cherry, raspberry, and floral aromas.   The flavors were muted – spice, raspberry with a distinct, lingering alcohol taste.  For some reason, I have acute sensitivity to alcohol tastes and I picked up lots of alcohol on the finish of this wine.

A few sips in to the first glass I had buyers remorse.   I could have bought the Godfather DVD for the $17 I paid for this wine, and enjoyed it more.  (Maybe FFC will read this, experience a moment of empathy for the finite financial resources of a working guy and send me the Godfather trilogy on DVD for having purchased his less-than-stellar wine.)

Congratulations to Steve Spurrier for pulling off that win!  QUESTION OF THE DAY:   Will he ever recreate the ‘magic’ of Florida?    (editorial note:  me thinks not)