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I am an optimist.  I have a baked-in, fundamental positive outlook on life.  I know the economy will improve, I believe the Steelers will win the Super Bowl again this year, and I am confident that I can find an excellent Tuesday-night red wine for under $7 or $8. 

For some time now, I’ve been in search of an economical ‘house wine’ – a go to mid-week wine when I just need that one glass to unwind.  A wine that comes with no drain guilt – that uneasy feeling that comes when pouring the remnants of a bottle down the drain after a few days of hanging around.

As part of my continual search for an economical house wine I made a stop by the new Trader Joe’s that just opened in Virginia Beach.  During my visit, I found, what appeared to be, a gem for $5.99 – although this wine was located on the bottom shelf, the ‘Morgon’ name jumped out at me.  Morgon, as in one of the 10 Cru’s of the Beaujolais region in Southern France.

I am a big fan of the gamay grape (used to make Beaujolais wines) and am a big believer in the potential of Beaujolais wines.   Unfortunately, gamay gets a bad name at times because of the rancid Beaujolais Nouveaux wines that hit store shelves each November.

I was optimistic leaving the store and couldn’t wait to get home to open this one…

2007 Louis Vergé “Les Pierres Fines” Morgon Cru Beaujolais –  $5.99 at Trader Joe’s.  A simple, basic effort.  On the nose I found grape punch with slight hints of sweet cherry candy.  Light tannins and acidity.  Flavors of watered down grape-raspnberry drink in the mouth with a touch of earth.  Thin.  Not a candidate for my house wine.  I’m confident that the wine industry can do better… and I will keep searching!

TJ Morgon

If anyone out there has a recommendation for a possible ‘house wine’ with a price point under 8 bucks, please let me know!