Day 1, Friday, 3:41 pm, PT

The Wine Bloggers Conference is underway.  A few initial thoughts before the Live Tasting begins…

  • There are some very very talented writers that happen to have wine blogs.
  • A diverse group of attendees across the industry – grape grower associations, wineries, PR folks and of course wine bloggers.
  • The winery reps that I’ve spoke to thus far, don’t appear to fully ‘get’ wine blogging and are unsure of the impact wine blogging will have on the wine industry as a whole, and in particular, their winery.  Clearly they realize there’s something to this, because they’re here.
  • The 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference will be held in Walla Walla, Washington.  We need to bring this to the East Coast.
  • I may be the only wine blogger without an iPhone.   Good grief.
  • The Winemakers/Winery Reps have a really tough job of trying to educate us about their wines in just 6 minutes.

On to the live tasting, from table 13… (these are the short, Readers Digest version of tasting notes that I typed up as we were tasting)


Fish Eye 2008 Pinot Grigio http://fisheyewines.com/ .  Made with grapes from California’s Central Valley.  $6.99/bottle.  Simple nose – lemon.  Lemonhead candy and grapefruit in the mouth.   

Pinot Evil Pinot Noir box wine.  $19.99/box. Hmmmmmm.  From the Vin de Pays de L’ile de Beaute, France.   Picked up dark cherry and raspberry on the nose

Cupcake 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon.  $13.99/bottle.   www.CupcakeVineyard.com Dark berry nose, baked blueberry.  Excellent plum and .  Good effort for the $13 price point.


Snows Lake 2005 Two.  $45.00/bottle.    www.snowslakevineyard.com In Lower Lake, CA (love the name) in the Mayacamas .  Blend of 28% cab franc, 72% cab sauvignon.  This one needed some time to air out to let the tannins soften.  Blueberry, cherry and some currant on the nose.  Strong tannins that initially overshadows the fruit.

Line 39 2007 Petite Sirah.  http://www.line39wines.com From Lake County, CA.  All of their wines are $10/bottle.  Produce about 40,000 cases of wine annually.  Nose of cherry and a slight vegetal component led to flavors of blackberry and vanilla cream.

Cline 2007 Ancient Vine Mourvedre.  $16/bottle.  lended with a tad of carignan.    On the nose I picked up baked fruit.  Flavors of ripe plum and a slight and a jalapeno aroma.  Excellent, smooth mouthfeel.

Tandem 2007 Chardonnay.  One of the first Chards made with the Dijon 809 clone.

Sorry… Greg, the Winemaker had a flute in his overalls pocket and all I could think about was the ‘American Pie’ movie… “… and once at band camp, I…”.  So, I didn’t get tasting notes.

Foggy Bridge Winery 2007 Chardonnay. $18/bottle.  Winery will be opening next year in San Francisco.  Nose of citrus and cinnamon-sugar toast.  GEO – Green Earth Origin.  Grapes are farmed organically, in the process of certification.

Gary’s Improv 2006 Syrah.  $35/bottle.  300 cases produced.  Made by the folks who make Clif Bar.  Raspberry, spice, earth on the nose led to flavors of tart cherry, more earth blueberry.  Just a bit too tight.

Benovia 2007 Saovy Pinot Noir, from Anderson Valley.  $55/bottle.  2006 was first vintage. 370 cases producd.  Focus on Pinot Noir.  Cola jumps out on those followed by raspberry aromas.   Flavors of cherry, hints of strawberry and earth in the mouth. YEAHHH… they use all native for fermentation!  My favorite of the live wine blogging thus far.  Supa dupa!

Benovia Pinot