Ever have one of those wines that is simple yet fantastic?  Simple in a good way – approachable, refreshing, straight forward, and economical.  These simple yet good wines are make ideal house wines, perfect for sipping when you just want to veg out, watch mindless TV and not think.

SorinRoseI believe I found my Summer house wine this weekend…  the Domaine Sorin 2008 Terra Amata Rose.   I picked this up at Let’s Talk Wine for $11, but you may be able to get it from just under 10 bucks if you find it at one of the big wine stores.

Other than saying this one is good I don’t want to write too much about it for fear of over complicating this gem.

Domaine Sorin 2008 Rose Terra Amata  –  Easy drinking.  Nice pink color.  A blend of Grenache 40%, Cinsault 15%, Syrah 10%, Mourvèdre 15%, Carignan 10%, Rolle 5%, Orgi 5%.  Refreshing nose of lime spritz (think 7-Up soda), orange zest, pink grapefruit and light strawberry aromas that led to flavors of watermelon jolly rancher candy, lake bed stone and more lime in the mouth.  Crisp acidity. 

A note about the Rolle and Orgi grapes used in this blend.  In France, mostly in the Côtes de Provence and in the Languedoc region, this white varietal goes by the name Rolle.  In other parts of the world, namely Northern Italy, this grape goes by its more common name, Vermentino.  The Orgi grape appears very obscure as I was unable to find anything other than lots of sites with information about the other ‘orgy’ word.  If you happen to know of a site with information on the Orgi grape, please drop me an email or comment here.

I checked Wine-Searcher.com and the Domaine Sorin Rose appears to have fairly wide distribution throughout the US.  Check in your area, and pick up a bottle.  It’s worth the search.  I would definitely like to hear feedback on this wine if you happen to try a bottle.

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