Admittedly I am a technology dinosaur.  I feel as if this technological paradigm shift we call Social Media is totally passing me by.  On most days I am lucky to remember which airport I’m supposed to be in, much less keep up with Facebook, Digg, Furl, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the other new social media stuff that was just invented today (which makes me even further behind than when I started this article)

Although I am ‘aware’ of these new technologies, I just never seem to get around to using them.  Perhaps because in my day job, utilizing social media is not needed and actually would be frowned upon.   As an amateur wine blogger, I’m not sure what the value-proposition to Twittering is (is that the correct vernacular?), but it seems as if I am the last blogger on the planet without a Twitter account.  

Dale Cruse, the Proprietor of one of my favorite wine blogs, Drinks Are On Me, maintains an exhaustive list of wine bloggers and wine industry folks who Tweet.  I’m amazed at the size of the list and how it seems to grow daily.  A quick informal count covering several of Dale’s posts on winos who Twitter number about 500ish! (and that’s on the low side) 

So… Last Monday, I made the decision that this weekend would be an important milestone in my techno-life… I would purchase my first Mac and I would also open a Twitter account.  The catalyst was an article written by Wine Enthusiast magazine West Coast Editor, Steve Heimoff, called ‘The Power of Twitter .’   Steve’s article wasn’t necessarily the push, but the comments that resulted from his article is what convinced me that I needed to carve out a few minutes of my weekend and sign up for Twitter and peck out this article.

In his article, Steve takes a pragmatic approach to the benefits of Twitter as they relate to wine; however, most other wine writers and wine bloggers hold a more positive view of Twitter.  Wine entreprenuer Courtney Cochran recently wrote a compelling article at Appellation America on the benefits of Twitter.  In her article, Courtney was able to provide an example of one winery owner that has had quantifiable results as a result of using Twitter. 

Of course the Social Media Sommelier, Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library, is a huge proponent of Twitter as well.  In an article that appeared in The Star Ledger, GaryVee, as he’s known on Twitter, cited several respectable examples of how Twitter boosted his sales at Wine Library.   As of this posting, Gary had just over 603,000 Twitter followers!

Although I am leaning to the more pragmatic side with Steve, I am now happily Twittering… 

You can follow my Tweets here,   www.twitter.com/drinkwhatulike 

Twitterific… I guess.

(Editorial Note:  Twitter names are limited to 15 characters.  The name of this site, DrinkWhatYouLike, is 16 characters.  F-word!  So I did the most creative thing I could, I improvised… I changed the word ‘You’ to ‘U’.   I was going to go with Twitter.com/IAmNotVeryCreative but that too was taken.   I welcome any creative insights in to a better Twitter handle. )