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Wow… that time again.  This month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday snuck up on me.  June marks the 58th installment of Wine Blogging Wednesday – a monthly online tasting/gathering of wine bloggers started by Len of Lenndevours.  This month’s WBW is hosted by Katie of Gonzo Gastronomy, and the theme for this month – pairing wine with music. 

This was definitely an interesting and challenging topic for me.

Linden 2005 HardscrabbleFor this month’s WBW, I started with two guys with deep roots here in Virginia – Dave Matthews (of course of the Dave Matthews Band) and Jim Law of Liden Vineyards.  Dave Matthews moved to Charlottesville, VA in 1986 and formed Dave Matthews Band around 1990.  Jim Law got his career off to a start here in Virginia in 1981 (previous Linden posts here, here, and here).

I started with a couple of tracks from Dave Matthews’ 1994 Under the Table and Dreaming paired with Jim Law’s 2005 Hardscrabble.  Both are very good – Under the Table and Dreaming is highlighted by ‘Ants Marching’ and ‘Dancing Nancies’ whereas Hardscrabble is highlighted by serious baked plum and dark cherry.

I moved on to Stevie Nicks, Michael Buble (just kidding – I have no clue who that dude is), Nirvanna Unplugged and finished with Temple of the Dog.  As the music changed, so did the 2005 Hardscrabble.  Like Dave Matthews, one of the best in its class from Virginia, the Hardscrabble opened up to reveal even more dark fruit, a hint of copper and earth.  Overall, the Hardscrabble was excellent – great fruit, moderate tannins and strong plum finish.

I like music.  I listen to it when I run, but I didn’t notice a ‘symbiotic relationship’ between the wine and music.DMB

For me, it’s about the people that I share wine with that changes it!  Given my weekly travel schedule, I live a nomadic traveler’s life – so my wine changes/takes on more meaning when I am with my wife or friends.  In looking back over my tasting notes and this blog, I have a much more positive ‘wine experience’ based on who I’m sharing it with.  For me – wine always tastes better with my wife.

Although I didn’t have a magical music and wine moment, I was reminded how much I miss the music sense of the early 90’s – Nirvanna (still remember where I was when I found out Kurt Cobain was dead), Dave Matthew’s live at UVA, and all that grunge music – Alice in Chains, Lovemongers and even Pearl Jam. 

Thanks Katie for a cool Wine Blogging Wednesday!