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hoo-li-guh n     -noun:  a ruffian or hoodlum

Hooligan – a fitting name perhaps for the Grenache grape that has, in the past, been relegated to the production of cheap, low quality box wines and used as a blending grape. 

Rather than go with the standard and unexciting naming convention that many wineries employ, Kaz Winery exercises artistic license when naming their wines.  In the true spirit of exercising that artistic license, sometimes confused with being odd and abnormal, Kaz’s 100% Grenache wine is aptly named Hooligans.

Useless Wine Opinion:   The folks at Kaz employ a great deal of creativity with their website, logos, labels and wine names… but really fall off the wagon when it comes to their Ports – White Port, Blush Port, and Red Port.  Hmmm – not so creative dude.  Maybe have a ‘Name My Port Contest?’  (of course, a prize should also be given to the guy that thought of the contest idea).  This could create a little social media buzz if you framed it correctly…  just my genius opinion.

Kaz HooligansI picked up this bottle of Hooligans during my visit to Kaz Winery back in January (please visit my previous Kaz post to learn more about their family owned winery and excellent small-lot production wines).  I believe this wine came in right at the $35/bottle price point which seems reasonable since there were only a couple of barrels of this wine made.

Hooligans 2006 Grenache

100% Grenache.  13.6% alcohol.  This wine had a red bricky color with a nose of overripe plum and cherry with a slight aroma of red twizzler (maybe the aroma was something else, but I just can’t seem to articulate it clearly).  Light mouth feel with light tannins and flavors of cherry and herb.  This would pair well with lighter meats and I would even try it with Salmon.

I plan to return to Kaz Winery to pick up a few of their other offerings during my next trip to the Sonoma area in July to attend the Wine Bloggers Conference.

If you find yourself in the Sonoma/Napa area, be sure to visit Kaz Winery in Kenwood for a unique tasting experience.