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April marks the 56th installment of Wine Blogging Wednesday – a monthly online tasting/gathering of wine bloggers started by Len of Lenndevours.  This month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday is hosted by Corkdork – and the theme for this month’s WBW is Fine Kosher Wine. 


As with the prior two months, I am traveling and going solo (sans wife) for this WBW.  Since I’m in Australia, I’m kinda ok with being away from home this month.   


teal-lake-kosherBeing in Melbourne presented a slight challenge in terms of finding a varied selection of kosher wines at the local bottle shops.  Although the Aussies have an infinite range of wine choices, the bottle shops I visited did not provide much of a selection in the way of kosher wine (or American wines as noted in my last post).


I finally found a few kosher wines tucked away in the back corner of Dan Murphy’s wine shop in downtown Melbourne.  Of the 4 Kosher wines to choose from I went with the home team – the Teal Lake Shiraz made by Teal Lake Estate in South Eastern Australia.


Teal Lake 2007 Shiraz

I believe this is the first time I’ve had a kosher wine so I was definitely looking forward to tasting.  This wine was $17.99 AUD (~ $13 US) with a real cork closure, which can be considered somewhat unique in the land of screw caps.  Color was deep purple with pink edges.  My first impression of this wine was burnt match.  I thought the wine needed some time to open up, so I went for a run, came back about an hour later and the burnt match smell was still present.  Went to dinner, came back 90 minutes later, still there but not as pronounced.  Along with the burnt match aroma, I found hints of blackberry and prune along with an herbal component on the nose.  Tightly wound tannins with tastes of sour cherry and cranberry.  Overall, I feel this particular wine provided low value for the money and definitely needed more time in the bottle.


Hat tip to Corkdork for this month’s WBW theme and expanding my palate…