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I’ve only been in Australia for a few days and am already way behind on posting.  I could spend months here just roaming around the Hills, Barossa, and McLaren Vale – winding my way through gravel roads and off beaten paths in search of new finds.  I really hate when I have to mix work with my wine tasting trips.

I stopped by Universal Wine Bar in downtown Adelaide for a quick drink before dinner and asked for something unusual that I may not be able to get in the US.  The bartender (who is a student enrolled in the University of Adelaide wine marketing program) recommended the Carvolo Sparkling Shiraz.  She qualified her recommendation by stating that people either love it or hate it, but not much in between.  Sparkling Shiraz… another first for me.

Ceravolo 2006 Sparkling Shiraz

This is the inaugural vintage of Ceravolo’s sparkling Shiraz.  From the Adelaide region.  13.5% alcohol. $10AU/glass ~ $7US/glass.  Dark purple/red color with a nose of blackberry pie, hints of raspberries and prune .  A dull fizziness as if the wine was just too ‘heavy’ to fiz.  Tastes of blackberry, blueberry and Concorde grape finish.  My first impression, in terms of both smell and taste, was Welch’s Grape Juice.  I don’t say this with any negative connotation at all – just my first impression.


I can’t say that I’m a fan of sparkling Shiraz from this particular wine, but I will keep trying them throughout my trip.