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Perhaps a better title for this post is, ‘Indy/Rare/Small-Lot Wine of the Week.’ 

I’ve been on an Argentinean kick lately, not sure why, but I grabbed this one with no hesitation a few weeks ago at a Bon Vivant Wine Guild tasting.

The Saint Jeannet is a very rare grape – grown in just a couple of places around the world (yes, seriously, just a couple).  Since this was my first exposure to this particular varietal I Googled it and was surprised by how little information there is available for Saint Jeannet.  I was only able to find a few references online – one of which noted that there is only one Saint Jeanet vineyard remaining in the world (in Argentina) – enough for just 500 cases of wine per year per planet.  Wow!  Given the lack of information available for this grape, I was unable to validate this information, but can only assume it’s near the truth.

Campo Negro 2007 Saint Jeannet

From Mendoza, Argentina.  Pale straw color.  13% alcohol.  $12.75/bottle.  Very interesting nose reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc at first with crisp grapefruit and lemon, followed by doughnut dough and éclair crème aromas (reminded me of a dunkin donuts).  Lively acidity with tart tropical fruits in the mouth and a pear finish.


An interesting grape!