March marks the 55th installment of Wine Blogging Wednesday – a monthly online tasting/gathering of wine bloggers started by Len of Lenndevours.  This month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday is hosted by Remy of The Wine Case – and the theme for this month’s WBW is ‘North vs. South‘ – which leaves a lot of room for creativity.

Once again this month I am going solo for the WBW – I have been on travel for several weeks so my wife and I couldn’t participate together.  For the last few months, wifey and I have used Wine Blogging Wednesday as an occasion to have a ‘veg out at home date night’ where we cook a dinner together focused on the wine theme of the month.  Unfortunately, once again this month my travel schedule this month precluded us from our cooking date.  As an alternative, I got together with some co-workers at the hotel for a North vs. South tasting.

For this month’s WBW, I went with Malbec – one from France and the other from Argentina.  So technically this is a Northeast versus South taste-off.  The French Malbec did have a slight amount of Merlot and a hint of Tannat blended in (this is the best I could to at the wine shop near the hotel).  The Argentinean Malbec was of course 100% Malbec.

The taste off included the Chateau De Haute Serre 2004 from Cahors, France versus the Tiza 2006 Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina. 


Chateau De Haute-Serre 2004

From the Cahors AOC in Southwestern France.  Malbec, the predominate grape grown in Cahors, is also known as Cot, Cot Noir or Auxerrois.  Dark purple colored with ripe plum, blackberry, mushroom and a basement aroma (I call it like I smell it).  Strong tannins – should have opened this one several hours earlier to let it breath.  In the mouth I found dark fruits, espresso with a very tart cherry finish.  Very interesting wine that would have been better with a few hours to breath.

Tiza 2006 Malbec

From the heart of Aregentina’s wine country – Mendoza.  Dark purple color with dark berry, vanilla bean, licorice and hints of dust on the nose.  Very smooth mouthfeel with overripe dark fruit and espresso tastes along with a jam and chocolate finish. 

Although all of my co-workers who participated in the tasting preferred the Tiza from Argentina, I personally favored the French Malbec (even if it was wound a bit too tight).  The Tiza from Argentina seemed overdone to me with too much ‘sweet’ dark fruit.  The French Malbec seemed to have more depth and complexity to me… so I’m calling this one for the French.

Thanks to Remy for an interesting WBW topic and the chance to learn more about Malbec!