I like fish tacos.  I’m a fan of good fish tacos.  I really like great fish tacos.  A couple of weeks ago my wife and I stopped by a new fish taco place in Virginia Beach called Gringo’s Taqueria.  Ironically, the couple that recommended Gringo’s to us just happened to be there as well. 


My wife “suggested” that I go with the black and white photo since it looked more professional. Well, I’m tacky and I like color photos.

So, to celebrate our new find and the fish tacos, we (me) chose a Chardonnay from the nucleus of Argentina’s wine industry, Mendoza.

VinEcol 2007 Chardonnay

I believe the cost was roughly $16 which is very reasonable for a restaurant.  Synthetic cork closure.  Made with organic grapes.  Bright yellow-goldish in color.  On the nose I found muted fruit which was certainly due to the frigid temperature of the wine… once it thawed out, I picked up a lot of green apple, green sour apple candy, some vanilla and hints of citrus.  In the mouth, I found the acidity muted as well along with tastes of green apple and some type of spice component.

Hat tip to the owner lady (Jen?) of Gringo Taqueria for the superb fish tacos, hat tip to the Cordosis for the recommendation, and to Bob for taking the much-higher-quality-than-my-normal photos, and hat tip to me for bringing all of this together and writing such an excellent post!