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(Disclaimer:  I received this wine as a sample from Natural Merchants.  As the name suggests, the Natural Merchants Selections includes 150 high quality, reasonably priced organic wines.)

One of the highlights of childhood for me (and probably every other kid on the planet) were snow days.  Oh I remember waking up to the white stuff, running to the den, turning on the television to get the status of school closings… the feeling of euphoria when the words on the bottom of the screen would scroll by with ‘Chesapeake Public Schools – CLOSED.’ 

“Oh hell yeah, a snow day!” (I would only say that out of ear shot of my parents of course.) There are few ‘highs’ that can match the euphoria and absolute bliss of a snow day I felt as a kid… except of course a snow day as an adult!!!

Last Sunday night, as with most weeks, I was packing for a 6:35am Monday morning flight.  I travel nearly every week and packing is part of my weekly routine and much like flossing – I just detest it.  While packing, I received a text message from a colleague in Philadelphia saying that his flight the next morning had already been cancelled.  How can that be?  A flight cancelled the night before in the anticipation of a snow and ice storm?  That would require common sense and foresight on the part of the airline.  This particular airline normally waits until you’ve driven to the airport, checked-in, stood in the security line for 45 minutes, dealt with surely TSA employees, and waited at the gate for 5 hours before they cancel a flight.

Could the convergence of foresight and practical planning really be happening?  I rushed to my computer, got online to check the status of my flight…  oh **** flight 963 tomorrow morning is CANCELLED!!  The best part, it was only 8pm Sunday night and they had already cancelled tomorrow morning’s flight which means no 4:30am wakeup, no driving to the airport in freezing weather, no sitting around with other surly people.  I am free!   Euphoria… the tips of my fingers literally went numb with excitement as I started texting my other colleagues who I was to meet in Orlando the next day… ‘Frank Morgan’s flight cancelled – won’t be there until Tuesday morning.  I’m sleeping in tomorrow.  🙂 ‘   This of course meant I would miss several important meetings (as noted in previous post), but I was too happy to care.

It was rather juvenile that way I danced around our kitchen telling my wife that my flight had been cancelled and that the weekly packing routine was on-hold for tonight.  To celebrate, I popped open a bottle of Prosecco that I received from as a bloggers sample from Natural Merchants .  I’m not sure if it was my snow-day excitement or my bias towards anything Prosecco (I’m a closet Prosecco lover), but this was a supa dupa tasty wine.


La Cantina Pizzolato Prosecco Veneto

This wine hails from Veneto region in north-eastern Italy, and is of course made from 100% Prosecco.  Made from USDA National Organic Program Certified Grapes and was the Overall Sparkling Wine winner at the 2008 International Green Wine Competition.  This wine retails for ~13.99.   You will need to visit Natural Merchants for availability in your area.  Straw color with a nose of green apple candy and mint.  Lively, refreshing bubbles and dry in the mouth with tastes of that same green apple.  This made a great light wine for the evening and would be great served as a party starter.   

The end of the story… just as our local weatherman predicted it did begin to snow Sunday night, we drank a great bottle of Prosecco, paired it with some junk food, I slept in and took the 3:45pm flight, got to spend several hours hanging out in the Charlotte Airport, and then finally made it to Orlando around 10:50pm.