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As with many weeks recently, I find myself hanging out in an airport as a result of a flight delay.  This week takes me to the Charlotte Douglas Airport with a three hour delay because Mother Nature has a sense of humor and dropped a nice snow and ice storm on the East Coast (she doesn’t realize or care that this is the one week that I really needed my flights to be on time). 😦

Whenever I’m at the Charlotte airport I try to stop by the Yadkin Valley Wine Bar in the concourse between terminals D/E and A/B/C.  The Yadkin Valley Wine Bar, which features North Carolina wines exclusively, provides me a familiar place (aside from the US Air Club between D and C) to hang out and people watch. (big props to Charlotte Airport for the airport-wide free internet access) 


Although I have a hard time finding a lot of wine from North Carolina that ‘throws my hair back,’ I am intrigued by the improvement in quality in the wines over the last few years.

The wine of choice for this week’s delay is the Shelton Vineyards 2004 Reserve Claret.  A blend of ~40% Petit Verdot, ~25% Cabernet Sauvignon, ~20% Merlot and ~15% Cabernet Franc with 13% alcohol.  Dark purple color with tinges of brick along with a nose of chocolate powder, blueberry, currant and very strong aromas of coffee.  This wine could easily be served in your local coffee shop alongside espressos.  Light mouth feel and moderate tannins with flavors of that same coffee accompanied by dark berries.  This is probably one of the very best North Carolina Wines that I’ve ever had – a nice depth of flavors – those East Coast wines have come a long way.