(Given my work schedule and travel this week, I’m a few days late with this post)

I celebrated the Steelers AFC Championship win over the Ravens at the hotel with a bottle of Le Telquel that I picked up earlier in the day during my visit to Terroir Natural Wine Merchants in San Francisco


Steelers Fans Celebrating AFC Championship Win!

Le Telquel is made by ultra naturalist (i.e. – minimalist) Theirry Puzelat.  For those (like me) not well versed in the natural wine movement, Theirry Puzelat believes ‘strongly’ in natural viticulture – organically farmed grapes, little if any added sulfites and indigenous yeasts for fermentation.

Telquel means “as it is” in French, and according to Dagan at Terroir, the telquel sounds a lot like the French word teckel – the French word for dachshund, hence the drawing on the label.      

Telquel NV

From the Loire region in France.  $17.50 with a crappy synthetic cork.  12.5% alcohol.  Gamay. A very ‘honest’ taste.  Transparent purple color with aromas of cranberry, sour cherry, baking spice and sour candy.  Subdued tannins with a light mouthfeel and tastes of more sour cherry, earth and slight raspberry.   

This is an excellent, entry-level natural wine – pick it up if you can find it.  Imported by Louis-Dressner.