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In San Jose tonight – stopped by Vintage Wine Barin Santa Row for a quick drink before dinner.  There are two Vintage locations in Santa Row – we stopped by the small wine bar in the center of Santa Row – great place for a drink before dinner.  A drink turned in to a bottle of The Table Pinot Noir Sommelier Series. 

vintage-sjThe Table 2007 Pinot Noir Sommelier Series– a unique cross appellation blend of 60% Willamette Valley and 40% California pinot (Sonoma Coast and Santa Rita Hills).  ~$30/bottle (a friend picked up the tab so I’m not sure about the exact price of this one).  This wine is part of the ONCE Wine brand “made by and for Sommeliers, who are involved in every step of the process.”

The nice wine bar lady, Colleen, highly recommended this particular wine so we went with it.  This was a fresh and lively wine – had that typical Oregon earthy nose along with cherry, strawberry, and an unusual cinnamon/spice type of aroma.  Good tannins – wine felt ‘cold’ in the mouth for some reason – lengthy finish with bright cherry and cinnamon.

Our server raved so much about the wine; I did a little research and found that there are certainly several notable names involved with making The Table wines by ONCE.  Eric Lilavois from that guy Thomas Keller’s little restaurants, Danny Meyer from Union Square, Larry Stone of Rubicon and Daniel Johnnes are involved with the ONCE The Table project.

Interesting wine.  Recommend it, especially if you can find it.