As I mentioned in my previous post, we will serve Virginia wines with our Thanksgiving dinners this weekend.  We paired tonight’s Thanksgiving dinner with the 2005 Linden Claret

Linden Vineyards was established in the early 80’s by wine maker Jim Law.  Linden wines are perhaps one of the truest expressions of Virginia terrior and pair perfectly with a diverse dinner that included all of the standard Thanksgiving fare (in my case that included turkey, cheddar cheese grits, greens and spicy oyster stuffing).   

linden-turkey-dinner2005 Linden Claret – A blend of 49% petit verdot, 30% cabernet sauvignon, 11% cabernet franc and 10% merlot and is unfiltered.  We picked this up on our recent visit to Linden for $21.99.  Linden produced about 900 cases of this wine.  Blueberries were predominant on the nose along with dark currants, blackberries and an earthy component.  The wine was made with native yeasts.  Good tannic structure with more blueberries and very ripe, baked cherries on the palate.  The blueberries continued on the finish as well as a very faint tobacco taste.