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Indie Wine of the Week:  Woodland Vineyard Chardonnay

Turning lemons in to lemonade. 

Several months ago, my wife and I woke up on a Saturday morning and decided to blow off our adult responsibilities and take a drive to visit a couple of wineries up I-95.  About 10 miles after getting on I-95 north for the trek to Lake Anna and Potomac Point Wineries, traffic came to a standstill.  After sitting on 95 for over 90 minutes, we decided that both Lake Anna and Potomac Point would have to wait until another day. 



I was dejected and dropping all of the curse words I could possibly think of… until… being the genius that I am, remembered reading about a small winery tucked to the west side of Richmond.  Eureka.  That would be our vino fix for the day.  I pulled out the trusty Virginia Wine Map and pin pointed Woodland Farm Winery.


I first read about Woodland at Virginia Wine Time (which is perhaps the best Virginia Wine Blog out there).  I made a mental note to add to my ‘visit someday list’ – remember I am a genius so I never forget anything.


On our trek back down I-95 southbound, I called the winery to get specific directions.  The young lady that gave us directions was clearly directionally challenged. I hung up confused, but knew we could figure it out as we got closer.  A few minutes after we spoke, my cell rang… it was that directionally challenged young lady from the winery… she was calling me back (from caller id) because she looked online and wanted to provide me clearer directions.    Hmmm!   Who does that?  Seriously, how many wineries would actually take the time to call you back with better directions?   Very, very, very few.  I immediately liked this winery!


When we got there, I liked Woodland even more… the winery appeared to be a house, which doubled as a winery with a tasting room made from the front of the house.  This is an awesome example of all that is good with the convergence of wine and passion!  I was even more convinced before tasting their wines that I already liked them.


Once inside we were greeted by the directionally challenged, yet thoughtful young lady who first gave us the bum directions (I believe it was the daughter-in-law of the owners).  My wife and I were the only ones in the ‘tasting room’ which had more real character than most tasting rooms I’ve visited.  Woodland is considered a ‘farm’ winery and produces only a couple hundred cases per year.  I believe this qualifies Woodland as the smallest winery in the state of Virginia (I think she told us that). 


Before leaving, we purchased several bottles of Woodland Wine… however, they were using a portable, wireless credit card machine (similar to ones used in Europe) and of course the connection was bad inside the house/tasting room.  Our directionally challenged, tasting room guide had to go out on the porch to actually get a connection.  Thankfully the machine then worked!  I think she was slightly embarrassed, but I was even more enamored with Woodland.   This is exactly what passion and wine are all about – this is what’s good about indie wines!


Although we did purchase several bottles, the consumption of sed bottles pre-dates this blog. 


So… on to the actual tasting… (unfortunately wifey recycled the bottle before I could get all of the details)



woodland3Woodland Winery Chardonnay

I’m not a Chardonnay fan, but I liked this wine.  I first tasted too cold… After this one warmed up, I found tart green apple, pear and a sweet aroma that I couldn’t place.  Kinda like a lychee fruitish aroma.  Very fresh.  In the mouth I found more green apple and good acidity.  Low on the complexity scale, but a great sipping wine. 



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