On my way out of Washington this afternoon, I stopped by Cibo Bistro & Wine Bar at Reagan Airport (DCA).  I’ve been to the Cibo in the Philadelphia airport, but usually opt for Legal Seafoods when at DCA. 

Cibo, which bills itself as a “wine bar,” was out of half of the wines on their wine list.  I went with the Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2007 to accompany a bowl of steamed mussels. 

Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2007

$12/glass (about $19.99 a bottle a various online wine sites).  Pale straw color with tinges of green.  On the nose I found grapefruit, deep mineral, lime peel and a green apple candy component.  I also picked up a tobacco aroma which I believe was some residual component as a result a smell in the glass.  In the mouth I got green apple, grapefruit and minerals.  The acidity was very lively and fresh, complimented by unripe pear on the finish. 


Cibo was a dud – Pascal Jolivet was great!