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My first official Wine Blogging Wednesday.

This month’s WBW (#50) is hosted by Winehiker.  The theme for this month is ‘Which Wine, Which Wilderness?’  

Since I am very new to the blogging thing, I caught WBW late so I didn’t have time to actually go on a hike this week, but I do have a few photos from a recent hike at the Taughannock Falls State Park near Ithaca, NY.  We stopped by Taughannock during a recent visit to the Finger Lakes wine region.

This was one of the most beautiful natural landscapes I’ve ever experienced.  Since I’m not very woodsy, I’m easily impressed by nature and Taughannock definitely left a memorable impression.  If anyone does by chance see this, my apologies for lack of photography skills.

The path to the waterfall was just under 1/2 mile and covered by tree canopy… very serene… the silence was only interrupted by echos of rocks falling from the high cliff walls.

At the end of the hike, we didn’t have a picnic because we were in a hurry to go tasting, but, in an attempt to recall the great time we had during our Finger Lakes trip, I opened up a bottle of Hosmer Riesling last night.

Hosmer Riesling 2006

~ $12.00.  12% alcohol.  Synthetic black cork.  Light straw color.  On the nose I found sweet pear (like the ones from Harry & David at holiday time), lemon, green apple aroma and a slight orange aroma.  In the mouth I picked up more pear and green apple.  Acidity seemed muted.  Although I did enjoy this wine, I much prefer the ‘dry’ version.

Hosmer, located on Cayuga Lake, was definitely one of the friendliest wineries I’ve ever visited.  The tasting room staff was great.  They were laughing and joking throughout the tasting and were really ‘in to’ Finger Lakes wine and had great energy.  If you are ever in the Finger Lakes area, be sure to stop by Hosmer for a very enjoyable tasting experience. 

Calculating my bonus points from my first WBW:  

You get bonus points for choosing a wine that is made locally to you, double bonus points for sharing the name of the wilderness  you would walk in, triple bonus points for sharing the name of the trailhead and how you got there, and a gazillion bonus points for actually walking that trail, enjoying your selected wine on a post-hike picnic, and describing your day of outdoor adventure. But by all means, do describe the wine!

Hmmm… I didn’t choose a wine local to me, so I believe I started with 0 bonus points.  I did share the name of the wilderness I walked in for the double bonus points, but double of zero is… zero I think.  And, I did share the trailhead and how to get there for the triple point bonus, but I do believe triple of zero is still zero.  Crap, no bonus points for me on this one… 😦