Rose Taste Off – Loire vs. Napa Valley

August in Virginia is very HOT and humid… perfect weather for cool Rose!

I picked up both of these at a Rose tasting at Grape and Gourmet in Virginia Beach.

Jana 2007 Rose   www.janawinery.com

Napa Valley, California.  In arabic, a verb used in the sense of “harvesting good things from life.”   This wine was made by Scott Harvey along with his wife Jana.  This particular rose is made from 100% grenache.

$13.99.  Real cork closure.   Light pink color.  On the nose, I got strawberry, hints of watermelon and a strong Big League Chew bubble gum component (brings back memories of playing little league back in the day and trying to chew the entire pack at once).  I liked the bubble gum component.  In the mouth, I picked up watermelon and more Big League Chew.  Good acidity.  Definitely bubble gum on the finish.  These are the times when I wish there were other people reading this just to provide some validation to these off scents. 

Christian Salmon 2007 Rose (Alfio Moriconi Selection)

Loire, France – $17.99

Darkpink, salmon color.  Strong cherry and strawberry on the nose.  Not as minerally as I expected so I’ll this one ‘mineral-lite.’  On the finish, I picked up some green apple (yes, green apple) and sour cherries.  Light acidity.

Overall, both of these Rose’s were good, especially with this hot weather here in Virginia.  I did expect more depth and complexity from both of these at this price point (is it possible for Rose to have true complexity?).

For this taste off…  I have to give the edge to Jana!