I first encountered Four Chimneys on a trip to the Finger Lakes region in New York and I picked up this wine at the Finger Lakes Wine Fest at Watkins Glen . Chimney Hill’s grapes are certified by NOFA-NY (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York).

Four Chimneys Reserve Red

$17/bottle at the festival.

Made from the Sveigelt grape. This is the first sveigelt wine produced here in the States that I’ve had. I drank quite a bit while I was in Germany which seemed to have more complexity and fruit depth.

On the nose I got a very pungent honey smell (weird) on the nose along with some spice.  The palate had a lot of dust and earth with some muted spice. Overall I feel this wine tasted thin and lacked depth. I expected more. I purchased two other Four Chimney wines that I will open and write about in a future post.

I paired this with grilled filet and baked potato – would have been better paired with a lighter meat.

Four Chimneys Winery:


First Organic Winery in the United States.

Our wines are vinified according to the standards of the Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association of New York (NOFA), standards which we helped the organization design in accordance with international certification standards. What this means is that nothing toxic or synthetic goes into the growing of our grapes or the making of our wines. Instead of many toxic pesticides, we make sure the natural balance of predator insects is fully functioning in our vineyards. If not, we spread hundreds of thousands of beneficial insects such as ladybugs and lacewings to keep the number of grape predator insects down. Instead of the common highly toxic synthetic fungicides, we use natural means to combat fungus, including fine-tuned nutrition (even feeding the plants through their leaves!) so the plant’s natural immune system has everything it needs to protect the plant naturally. Studies have shown that resveratrol–a very potent antioxidant found in wine–is produced by the grape plant in its struggle against fungus. It is higher in Eastern U.S. grapes, where the climate causes the plant to struggle more against fungus, and higher still in organic grapes.