How I Taste – Please Read

I would like to preface all future posts with a disclaimer about my skills and abilities as a wine taster just in case some lonely sole happens to find this blog.

I suspect several visitors will stumble upon this site since I embedded a lot of pornography-related search teams in the meta tags to capture google searc traffic… so, if you found this blog via google search – SHAME ON YOU! (ok, I’m totally kidding about that).

I would like to warn those who do read this that you will not find tasting notes resembling a literary masterpiece.  Instead, you will find southern Virginia, plain descriptions based on what “I” smell and taste in the wine. You will quickly find that I am far from the other wine bloggers and gurus.

I regularly read Parker, Wine Spectator, Tanzer, Jancis Robinson and a few others just to see how the wines I like stack up against big boys and I am often impressed with how they so gracefully articulate their tasting notes. I sometimes get a feeling of inadequacy that really makes me wish I had applied myself in 7th and 8th grade English class.

If a wine tastes like honeysuckle to me, I say so. If it smells like poop, I say it smells like poop. If a wine smells like my grammas old musty garage, I say so in plain English. I guess my sense of smell is not that mature and my palate not that educated so I spell it out just like I smell and taste it.